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Trimble R8 GPS and Glonass

Surveying by satellite has improved immensely in terms of reliability, speed and accuracy. While early generation kit required separate radio, battery, receiver (in a cumbersome backpack with trailing cables) and antenna components our Trimble R8 units are integrated all on the pole units with communication between receiver and controller handled by bluetooth. It is the perfect instrument for mountain side surveys. Previous limitations of poor SV coverage at certain times of the day have virtually been eliminated with the inclusion of Glonass tracking and has improved coverage in otherwise marginal areas. While there is a cheaper -base station free- route into GPS surveying it relies on sites with constant contact with the cell phone network to pick up the OS correction service. We remain with our independent base correction configuration in the knowledge we can survey anywhere and use the GPS National Network Service to post process the base position off site.

Trimble S6 Autolock RoboticTotal Station  

There are several robotic alternatives on the market and we looked at the all viable options. While it is far from cheap the Trimble S6 tracks effortlessly and combines well with its own Trimble CE software. It can be configured for automatic batches of face left face right rounds of angles in traverse work, perform low density laser scans of quarry faces and in robotic mode provides high productivity one operator solutions for detail survey and has the unique capability to correct for minor shifts in level. Reference and stake out data in dxf, various alignment formats, and complex 3D models, say for a proposed land fill cell, can all be uploaded for site work. Measured coded survey data can be previewed in plan view as the work proceeds and the code table can be be user configured to precisely replicate settings on n4ce desktop software   
In addition the Scottish Trimble user benefits from excellent back up, service and support from Survey Solutions Scotland.


GPS, Total Station or Integrated Surveying

The distinction between GPS and Total Station has become less obvious (to the client) in recent years. While both sensors are essentially a tool to locate a point in three dimensional space there is a place for each technology often side by side within the same project.

SV (Space Vehicle) surveying requires a reasonably clear view to the sky all round and when mounted on a hand held pole offers cm accuracy. There are no practical limits on base line measurement. The total station remains a dumb instrument until supplied with some initial set up data; is restricted to point to point line of sight over land and consists of hundreds of complex precision optical and electronic components. It does however provide mm accuracy in environments where this level of accuracy is required.
Trimble’s implementation of both systems is remarkably efficient in terms of surveyor miles and minimising the need for multiple tripod set ups. Integrated surveying provides a convenient route to quickly establishing total station position and orientation and allowing detail measurements to continue with all data held within one field controller. GPS surveys invariably enclose some patch of remote land under tree canopy. Previously the lead in work required to capture the 10 minutes of total station data could consume a day alone. While the actual legwork may still be considerable it does mean that the site work can be concluded much sooner.

Trimble S6 initialised with on the fly resection by integration with R8

A flexible approach to today’s survey requirements